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Krofam | About us

Krośnieńskie Fabryki Mebli KROFAM have been building their position on the furniture market for over thirty years. Until 1999, they functioned as a state-owned enterprise. After transforming into a limited liability company. A new period began in the history of the company, which bases its production on plants in Krosno and Dukla and employs over 160 people.


Krofam | About us

Enduring passion

Krofam | About us

High quality

Krofam | About us

Inspiring design

Based on the knowledge and experience, a team of excellent specialists, KROFAM focuses on quality and interesting design. The products of Krośnieńskie Fabryki Mebli have been exported for many years, their recipients are demanding customers in Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands.

Krofam | About us
Krofam | About us

Currently, our goal is to promote the latest collection of bathroom furniture on the domestic market, to which we return after several years of absence. We hope that our furniture with an individual expression and recognizable style will gain recognition in your eyes.


Krofam | About us

MOWO studio

MOWO studio is created by Monika Elikowska-Opala and Wojciech Opala, who design utility items, implement projects in the areas of broadly understood interior design and more. The studio develops larger dimensions, such as bathtubs, furniture collections, and smaller forms – electronic equipment housings, packaging or
handles. The area of interest includes various phenomena and activities – from new technologies and materials to traditional craftsmanship. They are close to the aesthetics of simplicity. They adhere to the principle that
the designed items were not seasonal, they remained functional and attractive despite the passage of time. The studio has won many awards and distinctions.

Krofam | About us

Max Kobiela

Owner of the original maxkobiela.com studio, co-owner of the KOARCHITEKCI architectural office. Architect, designer. Founder and CEO of phormy.com. Born in 1983. A graduate of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning at the Cracow University of Technology. Professional activity since 2004. He adheres to the principle of multidisciplinary and comprehensive design, coordinating the design process from the concept to the last detail of implementation. For several years, it has been operating mainly in the field of furniture design and architecture. He gained his previous experience by designing interiors mainly for contract clients in Poland, England, France and North Africa. Awards and distinctions: Top Design 2016, Diament Designu 2016, Must have 2018, Meble Plus 2018, Must Have 2019.

Krofam | About us

Husarska Design

Husarska Design is a design studio founded by Jadwiga Husarska – an award-winning designer, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, the Finnish Lahti Institute of Design and the Hungarian Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design. Among the implemented products, it has gained recognition not only for furniture and everyday products, but also for technologically advanced medical and sports equipment. He has over 80 implemented projects sold all over the world. The implemented products are regularly shown at the largest industry fairs around the world and awarded in international and Polish competitions, including RedDot, Top Design and Good Design.

Studio Husarska primarily deals with comprehensive design, from research, strategy through implementation for sale and coordination of the work of multidisciplinary project teams, as was the case with the Krofam brand.



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