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Safety and comfort in the bathroom.

Planning a bathroom for the elderly or disabled requires a bit more thought than planning a traditional family bathroom. On the one hand, it must contain the same elements, but their functionality is more important than their appearance.

COMFY collection – the latest series of Krofam bathroom furniture, which has all the necessary approvals and certificates guaranteeing safety and comfort of use. A bathroom to be used by the elderly and the disabled requires solutions that increase safety and comfort – not only bathroom furniture or ceramics adapted to the needs of restrictions, but also faucets with a thermostat, shower cabins without thresholds or anti-slip tiles.

Comfy – furniture for whom?

Maintaining a high level of safety and ergonomics becomes a priority when we arrange a bathroom for elderly people with mobility difficulties – both seniors, people in wheelchairs and people undergoing rehabilitation. The bathroom is statistically the most dangerous place in the home for a senior citizen. Therefore, when caring for the beauty of the interior, you should not forget to ensure the safety of the household members. While public bathrooms, as well as those in hotels, are customarily equipped with solutions adapted to the needs of disabled people and people with reduced traffic, in private apartments they may encounter barriers and difficulties that can be easily eliminated by using appropriate equipment.

How to arrange a bathroom to be safe and comfortable for seniors?

Choose equipment that has been designed through the user’s context and based on public consultation with seniors and PRM.

Comfy furniture – colors for the service of the visually impaired

The public consultation that became the basis for the design of this series of furniture has shown that people with deteriorating eyesight and visually impaired people perceive strong contrasts best, which help them to more easily determine the distance between devices in the bathroom. That is why the designers opted for fashionable and timeless colors combining white and black, with the benefit of functionality and aesthetics of the bathroom. The fronts of the furniture are kept in matt white, the sides of the cabinets and handles are deep matt black.


Krofam | COMFY

Wall-hung washbasin with a separate rail

Due to its function and design, the washbasin is a bridge between the needs of able-bodied and disabled people living under a common roof. Adjusted to the requirements of people on crutches or on a wheelchair, it can be used by non-disabled people, harmoniously combining and unifying the needs of both groups of users.

The characteristically contoured washbasin is neither integrated with the railing, which makes it easier for people with reduced mobility and people on wheelchairs to use the sanitary facilities, nor with a cabinet under the washbasin. It is distinguished by two small side tops, suggested to designers by the elderly. The flat surface in the front part makes it possible not only to put away the necessary utensils for care, but also to comfortably lean against the washbasin during hygienic procedures.

The washbasin has been profiled so that it can be used by people in wheelchairs. If the washbasin will be used by people on wheelchairs, it is recommended to install a concealed siphon,
otherwise it can be completed with a traditional siphon. A faucet with a pull-out spout is also recommended to facilitate the use of water. There are as many as 3 ways to install the washbasin – hanging, hanging with a cabinet and standing on a special countertop, mounted to the railing.

Krofam | COMFY

Basin cabinet – functional countertop with compartments

The cabinet under the washbasin is not connected to it, thanks to which additional storage space is obtained – above the two spacious drawers there is a table top with compartments on which you can store small cosmetics and hygiene items. By increasing the sides of the cabinet, an edge has been obtained that prevents objects from falling off the countertop.

The same top is equipped with a low pillar – cargo from the Comfy collection.

Krofam | COMFY

Functional bathroom cabinets – broken and sliding doors for convenience

The Comfy collection focuses on easy and functional storage – equally crucial for people with mobility limitations, seniors and the rest of the household.

Low Cargo, which can be hung so that the upper edge is at the same height as the washbasin,



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