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Pure form and uniqueness.

The Edge collection is a modern form of bathroom furniture, equipped with the highest quality drawer systems that ensure soft and quiet closing, stable and comfortable use. Their most characteristic and distinctive element is the vertical handle, which together with the cabinet front forms a one whole. The Edge collection basin cabinets are available in both wall hung and higher versions with legs.

The Edge collection is available in a wall hung or floorstanding version in two colors: pure white and elegant black – both with a high gloss laquer finish. As a result, it is recommended not only for medium and large bathrooms, but also for smaller interiors – glossy furniture perfectly reflects light, diffuses it and optically enlarges the bathroom.

The collection includes under-washbasin cabinets with a wooden top in 3 sizes and 2 colors, a high post and a wicker basket that is both functional and decorative. The uniqueness of the Edge collection lies primarily in the harmonious combination of geometric shapes and color versatility, but above all in the element that allows you to open drawers and cabinets. It is an integrated handle, or rather a specially and precisely milled element of the front of the cabinets, which not only fulfills its function, but also provides a subtle play of light and shadow on the high gloss furniture fronts.

The Edge cabinet under the washbasin has two drawers on silent soft closing rails, topped with a 4 cm thick wooden countertop made of natural walnut. Thanks to this, high-quality wood does not warp, and the cabinet acquires a unique character. A countertop washbasin should be selected for the cabinet – round bowl, square or rectangular washbasin or designer ceramics matching the decor and character of the bathroom.

The Edge post behind the door has roomy space for bathroom accessories and cosmetics. It is divided by shelves with the possibility of height adjustment or complete removal. This spacious space in combination with drawers under the washbasin will allow you to keep the entire bathroom in order and conveniently use all the items in it.

A wide range of under-washbasin cabinets with two drawers: 40, 80 and 100 cm and the possibility of hanging them or placing them on the floor, allows you to adjust them to almost any bathroom. Thanks to simple shapes and universal colors, they fit both a modern, minimalist, loft-style bathroom, as well as bathrooms in Paris or New York style.

The Edge collection includes:

  • white standing cabinet 80, 100 cm: 81×74.5×46 cm / 101×74.5×46 cm
  • white hanging cabinet 40 cm: 40 x 70 x 20 cm
  • white hanging post 40: 40x170x38 cm
  • 3 height-adjustable shelves
  • black standing cabinet: 61 x 74.5 x 46 cm
  • black standing cabinet: 81×74.5×46 cm
  • standing cabinet: 101.74.5 x 46 cm
  • hanging cabinet: 40x70x20 cm
  • standing post: 33x170x38 cm
  • wicker basket: 32x60x32 cm


Krofam | EDGE
Krofam | EDGE

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