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Asymmetry at the service of functionality.

L-wood bathroom furniture captivates with its simplicity and design that combines modernity with tradition. Glossy white and matt gray of furniture boards meet here with elements made of natural wood, and functionality goes hand in hand with designer asymmetry.

L-wood is an economical collection of bathroom furniture for self-assembly. The cabinets are equipped with a quiet home function, which is especially appreciated by families with small children and the owners of a bedroom with a bathroom. The timeless style makes the furniture fit into any bathroom arrangement, and the fact that they are Polish production gains as many supporters as their minimalist design.

The basin cabinet is divided into two parts – the narrower one is a cargo cabinet with two levels of storage on guides with a silent close, the wider one is a spacious cabinet with a shelf that can be mounted at different heights (there are adjustable hangers in the cabinet). The door hinges are equipped with a silent closing system, and on the fronts there are handles made of natural oiled wood, whose ergonomic shape of the inverted letter L guarantees easier gripping with the hand.

The washbasin cabinet is available both with a top made of a decorative board imitating natural wood – for mounting a countertop washbasin, as well as a version with a ceramic washbasin embedded in

The asymmetry of the L-wood collection is also visible in the other two elements of the series – the bathroom post and the mirror. Interestingly – the name of the collection comes from the characteristic shape of the handle and the shelf on the mirror – the L letter in the handles allows for a more comfortable grip with the hand, and the L-shaped shelves guarantee that small cosmetics and make-up accessories will not slide off the shelf so easily.

The mirror is divided in the same proportions as the cabinet under the sink – the wider part is a mirror panel, and the narrower part – corresponding to the width of the cargo – is a furniture board with two wooden shelves. It is both a decoration and a functional element of any well-organized bathroom.

L-wood bathroom furniture is an attractive combination of two colors – white gloss varnish with oiled oak and matt anthracite with light wood. Their compact dimensions can be easily adapted to small and large bathrooms. L-wood cabinets mean attention to workmanship and the smallest details. It is care for the comfort of your everyday life.

The collection includes:

-under-washbasin cabinet 60cm, suspended, 1 cargo drawer, 1 door, 1 shelf
-tall cabinet 50 cm, suspended, 2 doors, 2 shelves
-mirror with shelves 60 cm, 2 wooden shelves
-ceramic washbasin 60cm
-countertop 60cm, 16mm thick, Oak


Krofam | L-WOOD
Krofam | L-WOOD
Krofam | L-WOOD

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