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Moss is a collection of Prestige Line furniture, which was designed on the basis of the latest trend in furnishing – intertwining of interiors. This furniture can be placed both in the bathroom and in the bedroom, and its unique character and eye-catching details will delight even the most demanding.

Moss is the culmination of ingenuity in the combination of simple and bent furniture elements, which thanks to this are characterized by a timeless appearance and unique design. The collection was created in opposition to popular furniture with strong edges and strong lines. Moss it is a bathroom furniture with light, streamlined shapes and rounded edges.

Designers of the Moss collection sought a balance between geometry and fashionable organic shapes, which would additionally emphasize the selection of materials selected to create Moss furniture. Their presence introduces an atmosphere of peace to the bathroom, conducive to relaxation. And this is what we expect more and more from our bathrooms!

The cabinet under the washbasin, the dressing table, the bathroom stand and the bookcase have simple shapes, but their corners have been slightly rounded, which softens their geometric shape. However, the most characteristic element of the Moss collection are the legs. Bent legs are a combination of modern shape and tradition. The delicate arch is repeated both in the cabinet under the washbasin, it is the structural frame of the bookcase, the legs of the seat and the structure of the dressing table. This treatment makes the collection of furniture consistent, and by using it both in the bedroom and bathroom, you will gain a unique, harmonious interior. The icing on the cake are the cupboard handles made of a leather strip.

Moss series drawers are equipped with high-quality runners with a silent self-closing function and with full extension. Made of materials resistant to moisture, the front and the body are varnished with
matte finish. The collection is available in light gray and deep green.

The collection is complemented by a hanging tall cabinet with a door made of vertically grooved glass and a hanging oval mirror with a shelf and a cupboard hidden under it.

The collection includes:
– under-washbasin cabinet with 2 drawers
– hanging tall cabinet with a glass front
– dressing table
– seat
– bedside table with a drawer and 2 shelves – it can also be used as a bathroom shelf


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